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Monday, May 30, 2011

When a Vacation is not a Vacation

When is a vacation not a vacation?

  • When you have to spend a full day traveling with two two year olds and an almost four year old.

  • When 2 out of 3 of your children finally fall asleep 10 minutes before the landing process starts and you have to wake all 3 of them up so they can sit in one place buckled in. Then during this time you have to forcibly hold one in their seat while they scream harder than you have ever heard before finally passing out.

  • When you are in another country with a big time difference that your children need to adjust to.

  • When the weather at home has finally improved and is feeling like summer but the weather where you are is cold and rainy.

  • When you are staying at someone's house that aren't used to having three active kids running around. I'm not sure you can really prepare for it, especially when you are used to living a quiet life. It is stressful for everyone involved.

  • When your overtired children are cranky and bored and probably want to be home.

  • When someone who is not your child's parent aggressively yells at them when they do something wrong causing extreme distress in your child.

  • When one child is on antibiotics for yet another ear infection then one of the parents gets one too!

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    Anonymous said...

    So identify with this.

    Carrie27 said...

    Blech - I hate when visiting is anything but enjoyable. I am not of flying in general, but a flight as long as you had with the three little ones is simply, brave.

    Sarah said...

    Poor thing! I'm laughing and sympathising at the same time! Ah well, I'll be adding child number four into the mix on Friday! :D

    Kristin said...

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    Sarah @ said...

    Ugh, I hope it turns around soon! Right now, it sounds like you have your hands full on this break.