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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Emily at 2 Years 3 Months

My little Emme is our outdoor girl.  She is very happy when she is outdoors doing something, anything really.  In particular she likes to go for walks in our wagon.  She is also my most stubborn child and my most hardy child.  She will fall, skin her knee then get up and carry on as if nothing has happened except for the fact that she would get mad at the ground and yell at it.  She will not only get mad and yell at whatever caused her to fall she will also get mad at you if you try to help her.

She absolutely adores her Nana and always asks to go to Nana's house when we get in the car.  When she sees her Nana her whole face lights up and she yells out "Nana" very loudly.  Emily also prefers to hang out with the adults.  If the other kids run off to play she will hang back with whatever adult is around.  I used to do the same as a kid.  I always preferred hanging out with the big people.

The girl knows how to shop!
Her language is coming along but you still have to spend a lot of time with her to understand what she is saying.  Since she is the shortest of the three kids she can't quite climb on the playground equipment like the other two but she certainly tries to keep up.  Emily also loves to come up and give you kisses and hugs.  She is a very loving child who loves to laugh!

Emily is now sleeping in a big double bed.  The transition happened naturally.  She has always had a double bed in the same room as her crib and occasionally Greg would sleep with her in it when she was having a rough night.  Then one night when I went to put her to bed she asked to sleep in the big bed.  So I pushed the crib up next to the open side and tried to block off the end as best as possible.  Now she has a bed rail and continues to be a good sleeper. 

She is a good eater, the best of the three.  She eats almost anything I put in front of her which is very refreshing after the constant food battle I have with the other two.  Emily has a wonderful goofy sense of humor and we love her wide range of expressions!

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