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Monday, April 4, 2011


I know this is morbid but sometimes I look at my children and think about the fact that if I were to die at this point they probably wouldn't remember much about me, if anything. Understandably that thought makes me very sad and while I know that they are gone it also makes me feel very deeply for all the moms that have left this earth before their children. I can only imagine the pain they must feel if they know they are going to die as opposed to dying suddenly.

You might wonder what has prompted this musing. As I write this I am on a plane on my way to the Bay area for the week for work. We experienced some particularly rough turbulence not long ago and I could only think about my children and how much I would miss if I were to die. They are my life, they are everything to me and I love them in a way that only another parent would understand. They may drive me crazy but they also delight me, every, single day. When my husband and I finally sit down exhausted after a busy weekend or workday we talk about the funny, infuriating and charming things our beautiful children have done and I like that. I don't want to talk about politics or celebrities or even work, I just want to talk about my kids.

One of the main reasons I run is to keep myself healthy. I didn't start having children until I was 35 so I know I am going to be an older parent. Even though I'll be older I want to be agile and active. I want to be there for my children for a long time. I really hope I have that honor!

(Sorry for the rambling because even though I'm a pretty experienced traveler that turbulence scare the piss out of me. It definitely puts a different spin on things when you have kids.)

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Carrie27 said...

I hate flying and I would have been freaking out horribly if I was in your shoes.

I, too, love to talk about the kids and share our stories with one another.