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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Swimming Lessons

About a month after Lizzie turned two we start her weekly swimming lessons at the local YMCA.  For the length of her first two lessons she screamed her head off and clung to me as if for dear life.  At her third lesson she started to relax and it wasn't long before she was proudly "swimming" around the pool on her own with a bubble on her back.  We've kept up the lessons (except for this past summer) since then and the spring before she turned 3 she transitioned to the preschool class where the parents don't need to be in the was bliss.

On Saturday that bliss ended and we were back in the pool with Emily and Alex for their first swimming lesson.  Much like Lizzie's first lesson both of the twins screamed the whole time.  Emily was mostly complaining but Alex clung to me for dear life.  Do my kids really think that I would let them come to harm?  I mean, seriously.  When your children are screaming it is very hard to actually participate in the lesson so we basically stood off to the side and tried to point out Lizzie in her lesson so they could see it wasn't that bad.  Alex would calm down from time to time then start up again.

Lizzie even got in to the pool with us after she was done with her lesson to show them how much fun swimming was but to no avail.  In the end we got out of the pool a little early so I could get Lizzie changed and off to her gymnastics class.  I'm really hoping that it only takes a couple lessons before we can all relax and have fun.  It will be even better once they are old enough to join the preschool class and we don't have to get in the pool anymore!

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Jamie said...

Ugh! :(

Thus far, Bo and Anna like the water. Clara - not so much. Not looking forward to starting Aquatots with her!!