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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Common Phrases

Here are some phrases (and words) you will here around my house these days (don't worry, I'll translate if needed):

"Need help" - Alex

"Where go?" - Emily

"Bump head" - Alex

"Ki Ki Moo" - Alex (His favorite book is called Click Clack Moo)

"Bi bi bop" - Alex (lollipop)

"Do you still love me when I'm bad?" - Lizzie

"Last day" - Lizzie (this means anything in the past from a couple minutes ago to something that happened months ago)

"Mommy, are you happy?" - Lizzie (usually this is being asked when one of the kids is making me very unhappy)

"Shooose" - Emily (She is asking for juice but in reality it is milk)

"Ticka ticka ticka ticka ticka" - Emily or Alex (They are really saying tickle ... or rather they are asking to be tickled)

"Mommy go" - Alex (This is a command from Alex while simultaneously being pushed to move somewhere)

"Isn't that silly?" or "Won't that be good?" - Lizzie (I think I say these a's amazing how you start to hear yourself in your children)


DBL-LV said...

Too Cute.. Ryan always says "Remember when we did that last day" too!

Anonymous said...

Alex says at my house
wherer did Emily go? or where did Lizzie go?