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Monday, March 7, 2011

My Day

Just a snapshot of my is my day today:

At some point in the middle of the night Emily cried but went back to sleep, Lizzie woke up and joined us in our bed, Emily cried again, this time harder so Greg brought her in to Lizzie's room and slept with here there.

6:00 AM - Greg's alarm went off.  I got up to take a shower and get ready for the day.
6:30 AM - I wake up Greg (and therefore Emily) so he can shower.  Alex is crying so I get him dressed then get Emily dressed.  We head downstairs to get breakfast.
6:45 AM - Lizzie joins us downstairs for breakfast.  I get everyone fed, shoes on, hair brushed and finish getting Lizzie dressed.
7:15 AM - Greg leaves to catch the train for Boston.
7:30 AM - I get everyone's coats on and pack up the car with all the kids and tote bags with lunches and stuff for the week.
7:45 AM - Start the process of dropping the kids off at school.  Finally able to leave around 8sih.
8:10 AM - Head home, have a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, clean up the kithen and check email.
8:50 AM - Leave the house and drive about 25 minutes to the podiatrist.  Get two cortisone shots, one in each foot in an attempt to fix my Morton's Neuroma.
10:00 AM - Get back home.  Work.  Collect the kid's laundry and change the twin's sheets. 
10:30 AM - Team conference call.
11:30 AM - Chat with manager on the phone.
12:00 PM - Start doing kid's laudry.  Heat up lunch.  Empty dishwasher. Go back to work.
1:00 PM - Another conference call.  Continue laundry. Work.
2:30 PM - Another conference call.  Continue laundry. Work.
4:00 PM - Stop work.  Start heating water for kid's dinner.  Do a little dinner prep.  Continue laundry (this time a load of the adults).
4:15 PM - Leave to pick up the kids.
4:45 PM - Return home with the kids.  Finish getting dinner ready (roasted turkey from last night, pasta with parmesan cheese and broccoli).
5:00 PM - Feed Emily and Alex.  Get Lizzie's plate ready but she won't eat because she finished her lunch in the car.
5:15 PM - Clean up Emily and Alex, let them down to play, give them popsicles because they did so well with dinner.  Lizzie
5:20 PM - Lizzie begs for popsicle but she can't have one until she eats dinner.  She says she'll eat it if I feed her but she won't eat the turkey (which she loved the night before).  I feed her the pasta and the broccoli.
5:35 PM - Lizzie decides instead of a popsicle she wants to "wash the dishes".  I pull up a chair so she can stand at the sink.  Her bandaid covering a hangnail then falls off.  I decide I need to clip it off.  She won't let me.  She needs to use the bathroom.  I help her and continue to try to get her to let me help her.  This goes on for awhile.  In the meantime the twins get up on the chair and start playing in the sink water and with the dishes.  Water gets everywhere.
5:45 - I pin Lizzie down on the coach and with much screaming manage to painlessly clip her hangnail.  I then give her a bandaid.
5:50 PM - I remove the now soaked twins from the kitchen and bring them in the playroom to get them changed in to their pajamas.  Lizzie continues to cry in the kitchen but eventually joins us.
6:00 PM - The kids watch Nemo and continue to play for awhile while I clean up the mess  in the kitchen.
6:10 PM - My manager tries calling me but I can't get to the phone in time.  Check email and answer a few questions then answer a text about said emails.
6:30 PM - I have to pin down two screaming and twisting twins while I torture them with a toothbrush.
6:45 PM - I put Alex to bed.  Greg returns home and shortly after puts Emily to bed.
7:00 PM - Start cleaning up the playroom for the cleaners (who come tomorrow) and to give myself room to exercise.
7:10 PM - Manage to squeeze in 30 minutes of Wii Just Dance 2.
7:40 PM - Brush Lizzie's teeth and bring her up to bed and floss her teeth.
8:00 PM - Take a bath (this was silly, I really didn't have time for it).
8:15 PM - Get out of the bath only to discover Emily has woken up with a poop and diaper rash.  Greg has changed her but now she is wide awake plus Lizzie is upset because she is "scared in her room".
8:30 PM - Lie with Lizzie while Greg tries to put Emily to bed without too much screaming but fails.
8:45 PM - Greg returns to finish putting Lizzie to bed while Emily screams herself silly.  I go downstairs to finish picking up the house, put together a quick dinner for Greg and myself and make lunch for the kids.
9:30 PM - Greg and I finally sit down to eat.
10:00 PM - Stop blogging and fold the kid's laundry.
10:30 PM - Go to bed (I hope!!!)

What was your day like?


Jamie said...

Sounds like a pretty normal day in this crazy life of twins plus 1!!

Carrie27 said...

You eat that late? Blech, I could not do that.

At least the twins took their own bath ;-)

brendaj said...

Too funny! Our days are quite similar. We even had a hangnail incident with my 3-year old this morning...he insisted I trim his off before he could leave for school.

Lara said...

so this is from eons ago but I'm going to comment anyways because we really do have a similar life - except Eric gets home earlier and I don't work as much. I bow down to you lady!

PS I wonder why kids' toothbrushes have spikes in them. Totally doesn't hurt when I brush ;)