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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Did I Sign Up For This?

I'll admit it, there are moments when I want to quit and when I wonder to myself, "did I sign up for this?"  These moments don't usually last very long and they almost always happen at the same time of the day.  This is the time of the day when I first get the kids home from school.  I pick them up around 4:30 and it is a short ride home however when they walk in to the house they are usually very hungry.  I think they are also quite tired and somehow they feel like they can just let loose.  Any and all crankiness that they might have been feeling throughout the day comes out so I end up with three screaming (and sometimes fighting) children. 

Since it is winter I also find myself desperately trying to take off all their boots and coats as they bark all their demands at me.  If I have my act together then their dinner will be ready to go so I can minimize the chaos by getting the twins in their high chairs with their sippy cups full of milk and a plate full of food.  It's only at that moment can I start to breath again.  But heaven forbid if I actually have to cut up some food or heat something up in the microwave, it's like the world is about to end.  Our microwave is in our pantry so sometimes I just shut the glass paneled door and watch them wreak havoc while I escape for the 30 seconds it takes to heat the food.

After everyone has eaten and has been cleaned up then life returns to normal.  We play and read books for awhile before it's time to get ready for bed.  We do baths three nights a week (not my favorite either at the moment) and the twins are usually in bed by 6:30 pm these days.   Greg gets home at 6:45 then takes over with Lizzie.  She is asleep by 8 and I am in bed by 10.  I really do love my children but sometimes I wonder, "did I sign up for this?"


DBL-LV said...

And I thought it was just me...The second we walk in the door (after a 45-1hour car ride full of fighting home)..."I want a drink" "Im hungry" "I have to go to the bathroom". AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

Carrie27 said...

I remember those days when I was working. It makes it hard to be excited to come home when you know they are going to be rotten upon arrival. Thankfully, though, it doesn't last forever.

brendaj said...

I have a 3-year old and infant twins also and have no idea how I'll ever be able to fit dinner preparation into the routine!