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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lizzie at 3 years 2 Months

My first born turned 3 on June 6th!  I am learning that being three means connecting the dots and by that I mean I feel like things are starting to click in to place for Lizzie.  Her little brain is suddenly able to process things like time and distance.  Tonight we even had a discussion about gravity.  We were looking at her "magic wand" (a plastic tube filled with colored granules, some kind of liquid and sparkly things). She wanted to know why, when you tipped the wand upside down, everything sunk to the bottom.  So I explained to her that something called gravity caused things to go down instead of up.  I know that she probably doesn't really understand but I think somewhere it is starting to click.

She is also constantly asking "why?" even when it doesn't make sense.  For every answer you give her there is another "why?" until you get to the point where either the answer is far too complicated or you don't actually know and at that point you just have to say "because it is". Thankfully she usually accepts that for a little while.

She also continues to be extremely active.  In fact, the more tired she is, the more she bounces off the walls.  The only way to get her to sit still for awhile is to turn on Nick Jr. or put in a movie.  On TV she loves Max & Ruby and Dora the Explorer.  Her current favorite movie is Toy Story (1 & 2).  We even took her to see her first movie in a theater (Despicable Me).  She watched the whole movie, never made a fuss and had a great time.  Now that she is loving Toy Story I think we might take her to see Toy Story 3.

Lizzie absolutely adores books.  We have to read her three or four books every night before bed.  Speaking of bedtime, that is still a chore.  The twins go down very easily but it takes Lizzie awhile to wind down then she likes you to lie with her while she falls asleep.  This task usually falls to Greg who also usually falls asleep.  I have to go wake him up so he can eat dinner and do a little something before going to bed.

Shortly after Lizzie turned three the Binky Fairy paid a visit.  She took away all her binkies and left a worm farm as a present.  As usual, with all major transitions it wasn't nearly as bad as we had anticipated.  She asked for it a lot but in the end she accepted that it was time to let it go.  She has replaced her binky with stuffed animals.  She isn't always particular to which animal she needs to have with her however she does have a few favorites.  Their names are kitty, moose, duck, sheep, giraffe and Nemo (a clown fish we bought in NYC).

She is such a little light in my life.  She is vivacious, well-spoken, energetic, bubbly, temperamental, moody, stubborn, willful, magnetic and loving.

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Carrie27 said...

Love her natural waves/curls in her hair. Adorable.

You must go see Toy Story 3 - it is super cute and made me cry at the end. I took A to see it because she, too, has watched 1 & 2 a million times.