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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pioneer Woman

I am wondering if in a past life I was a pioneer woman.  One of the things I love to do is to make things from scratch.  This includes my most recent effort to make mozzarella cheese.  I took a gallon of raw milk and transformed it in to a low-moisture mozzarella in an evening.  I've also been pickling the cucumbers we get from our CSA and making golden raspberry jam from the champagne raspberries we have in our back yard.   If I had the time I would bake bread a few times a week as well.

I also enjoy crafting with my hands.  I have been known to cross stitch, quilt and sew my own curtains and pillow cases.  I have a big bin of material that I would love to do something with.  If I had the time I'd even try making clothing.  In the past I have scrapbooked, made candles, created amulet bags and different kinds of jewelry.  I have even taken a piece of wood and turned it in to a jewelry holder that hangs in my room. 

Maybe some of you are familiar with the disease, "I can do that".  I walk in to a store or a restaurant, see something and think, "I can do that".  It's horrible but fun at the same time.  I also get the following question a lot, "Where do you find the time for this?". I've been thinking about this a lot and the answer is that I just don't stop.  Seriously.  I stop from about 9 - 10 (and not always) when I watch a little TV before going to bed.  Otherwise from the minute I get up in the morning until that one hour at night I am always doing something from getting myself ready, to dealing with the kids, to working, to running errands, to cooking, to running, to making things.  *phew*  I need a real vacation.

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