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Sunday, August 22, 2010


This summer I have had the pleasure of passing by the produce section of my local grocery store.  Normally I spend a good 1/3 of our grocery money there but right now I have two other sources.  The primary source is a local CSA.  This isn't the first time we have used a CSA for vegetables.  One year (pre-children) we tried an organic farm in a near(ish) town.  The produce was great however it was out of the way and you had to do some of your own picking which isn't exactly what you want to do after work.  This year we are using Farmer Daves.  The farm isn't completely organic and not quite as close however they deliver to an area close by and it's still massively better getting vegetables from them then from all around the country.  I love picking up our weekly share on Mondays with the kids.  We always run into friends and the kids get a chance to play on the swings with their friends.

My second source is my little garden in the backyard.  In it I have growing Black Prince tomatoes, yellow tomatoes and Brandywine tomatoes.  I also have purple peppers, eggplant, carrots, pumpkins, butternut squash, golden raspberries, green peppers, strawberries and basil.  Most of these things only have one plant so it's not as big as it sounds.  The tomato plants have totally taken over and actually killed the zucchini plant I had.  So far there are no pumpkins, two butternut squash and about four eggplant.  The carrots, peppers and basil still need time to grow so we'll see if we actually get much from them.  I'm getting tons of tomatoes though and they are really yummy!

With both of those sources we are getting lots of vegetables and fruit (also have a fruit share).  Since the kids are still small Greg and I don't always get through it all and I hate throwing things away (although that occasionally happens).  So this is what I've been doing late at night...

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