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Monday, August 17, 2009

Too Long

No wonder I haven't even been able to write a 100 posts in the year I've had this blog! I just went 11 days without writing anything! Last week was a crazy week as Greg was in England so I was on my own with the little ones. During the day not much was affected (unless it was a weekend day and then I camped out at my parents house) as he is usually at the office so I was on my own in the morning and at night which is when he is the most helpful. The mornings weren't too bad and in the evening I had help if I needed it which in the end I didn't. The twins are now going to sleep around 6 so I was able to get them down while my mothers helper was still here and then I could focus on Lizzie.

It was the middle of the night that was the hardest. The twins decided to switch from eating every 5 hours to every 3 hours plus Lizzie woke up crying a couple times each night so I wasn't getting a lot of sleep. Thankfully towards the end of the week Lizzie stopped waking up and the twins went back to the 5 hour stretches but it was pretty hard for awhile. I'm very happy my husband is back! I wonder how well he'll cope when I have my first trip to California? Hopefully by then the twins will be sleeping through the night.

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Carrie27 said...

I'm hoping your weekend invovles a little mommy alone time after a week of being mommy and daddy.