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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It Was a Poop Kind of Day

It seems there is a lot of poop in my life right now. Now that the twins are on formula their poop has definitely gotten smellier and slightly firmer however it is still easy to deal with. They have the occasional blowout but nothing compares to good ole toddler poop. Yikes!

This past week or so has been particularly bad on that front. I can only imagine that Lizzie must have a little intestinal bug because I've had to change a lot of sheets lately which is not normal for her at all. In fact I consider myself pretty lucky that in the past two years I've never had to change sheets in the middle of the night (I just doomed myself, didn't I?).

I still haven't had to do that but yesterday morning was the first time she actually required a bath to deal with a poopy situation. She had been awake for about 15 minutes when I went in to get her. Much to my surprise there was poop all over the bed, her pajamas and herself. It seems the diaper had a little trouble containing it all. Thankfully Greg was still home and stopped in to say goodbye to her. He immediately decided to take a later train and whisked her off to the bathroom for a bath while I stripped the bed and put on new sheets. Poor thing, she was very upset about the whole situation.

I wish I could say that was my only encounter with poop issues yesterday. In the afternoon we went swimming in my mothers helper's pool. I had forgotten a swim diaper but since Lizzie had already pooped I wasn't too worried. She's generally a once-a-day kind of gal. Silly me. We were swimming in the pool when I started to notice some weird stuff floating around. It took me a couple seconds to realize what it was and I quickly whisked her out of the pool. If it had only been the two of us it wouldn't have been a big deal but another mom and her two kids were there as well. Everyone had to get out while the pool was cleaned and new chemicals were added. I cleaned Lizzie up and we went swimming again later but I felt really bad. Apparently Lizzie did too because she told Greg about it when he was putting her to bed. I don't think I'll be forgetting the swim diaper again!

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Carrie27 said...

Poor Lizzie! My daughter is the opposite of yours when it comes to that department. The twins, though, that's a whole different story.