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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Little Slice of Heaven

My mothers helper this summer has been truly excellent! I'm really glad I went with an older college student as it has allowed me to get out of the house with just one of the kids and run some errands while she looks after the other two. Next week will be her last week as Greg is taking the first week in September off, plus she is heading back to college for her senior year and I'm going back to work on the 8th. The twins and Lizzie will be going to the Rockport Early Childhood Center three days a week. Lizzie is transitioning in to preschool and the twins will be in the infant room. My mom will have all three of them on Wednesdays and I'll have them on Fridays until after the holidays.

But I digress, I was trying to tell you that I have a little extra help this week. My step-uncle's 10 year old daughter is staying with us for a couple days to learn about being a mothers helper. So, with that knowledge I made an appointment for a massage which I had today. It was nice to have a little me-time! Plus, for me, a massage is a little slice of heaven. I wish I could afford to get one every week. I like it when the therapist goes deep in to my muscles and usually by the end of it I'm in a whole different world bordering on sleep. I'm totally in to pampering myself and would much rather get a gift certificate for a massage as a present then something like a piece of jewelry. I'm hoping to get a pedicure next week when the twins go for a one hour trial at daycare (their is a spa right next door).

What is your little slice of heaven? How do you get some me-time?

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Carrie27 said...

Lucky!!! (the massage, that is)

Slice of heaven? Being with the kids.

Me time? It's rare, typically just involves sitting in bed and staring at the tv like a zombie, exciting huh?