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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Days Four and Five

Day Four
Sunday was an exhausting day. My wonderful sister-in-law arranged for my family to come over to our house and help finish up some projects before the twins arrive. It was great having them over doing things like putting together the new dressers, painting the nursery, painting the ceiling of Lizzie's new room and finishing up some painting in the stairway. But it also required that I run around the house helping them find things plus it was the first time my mother put together Ikea furniture so much guidance was needed there as well. It's amazing how much energy that took.

I did, however, manager to summon up enough energy to make a fruit salad and head off to a mother's night out. For anyone out there who has yet to have a baby or is pregnant with their first, I would highly recommend finding a mommy/baby group with a bunch of other women that have the same age baby as you have. After having Lizzie I got so much comfort and advice from the mommy/baby group that the hospital ran. In fact, I managed to stay in touch with quite a few of them and now most of us are pregnant again! There were seven mommies at the night out and six of us are pregnant! Two of us with twins. Have a group of women to talk to and have play dates with is invaluable.

Dav Five
Not much to say about Monday. It was back to work and a day closer to getting my family back. I went out to dinner with another pregnant mommy and we had a lovely talk. I managed to have another webcam session with Greg and Lizzie. I can't wait to hold her in my arms again. I'm taking Thursday off so she can readjust to being home and I can spend the day with her.

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Carrie27 said...

Now that you have painted and put furniture in the room, I am desperately seeking pictures.