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Friday, April 3, 2009

The Rest of the Time

Day Six
This day is equally as boring as day five. Basically I worked from home and from a local tea shop while the cleaners were at the house. I enjoyed my last day by myself but even more so anxiously awaited the return of my family the next day.

Day Seven

This is the day Lizzie and Greg were returning. I worked in the office all day but still had a few hours after work before their flight came in. I took the opportunity to drive down to Ikea to pick up the bins I had accidentally left there as well as get some of the other stuff I neglected to pick up (a toy box, a bookshelf and a booster type chair). It was a rainy night so the drive to the airport really sucked. It's always a bit nerve wracking driving though Boston but doing it in the rain makes it much worse.

I arrived at the airport right about when their plane landed which cut my wait time down a bit. It was such a wonderful thing to see them walk through the door! Lizzie just started giggling and laughing, she was so happy to see me. I didn't really expect that reaction but I couldn't have asked for better. Greg says she did really well on the flight back and she had a great time in England. They did lots of things and she charmed everyone over there. That's my girl!

When we got home I got her out of the car and rushed her in to the house to get her out of the rain. Unfortunately I was rushing too much and as I went up the two steps to the porch my foot caught on one of the steps and I went crashing forward with Lizzie in my arms. Her head hit the porch as did my belly. It was not my finest moment. My only concern though was Lizzie. She was really tired so she didn't handle the fall very well and it took a long time to calm her down. It was not the homecoming I expected. Eventually we got her calmed down and put her to bed in her big girls bed. She pretty much passed out and had a very successful night in her new bedroom. I, however, had a horrible nights sleep.


Katie said...

I'm glad everyone is home safe and sound ... but this is too many falls for you! Please please please take it easy, those twins need to stay in there a few more weeks. Hope you're doing okay ...

nonlineargirl said...

I was thinking of you yesterday when my father-in-law came to pick up my daughter for the weekend. She was so excited to go and I felt sad that she was leaving so quickly, even though it is giving me an open weekend.

Glad the reunion went well.

Carrie27 said... glad that the hubby and Lizzie are back.