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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crusty Brain

My brain seems to have a thick crust on it these days. Every time I try to write a blog entry I write about one line then get stuck. So I apologize for my silence. You will have to settle for some random thoughts until I get scrape the crust away.

  • Last weekend was the bi-annual children's clothing, toys, etc consignment sale. I went twice, once on the opening day and the other time on Sunday when everything was 50% off. I definitely did better the first day and got lots of cute boys clothing plus a few things for Lizzie this summer. I think I'm good to go now.

  • Greg and Lizzie are heading off to England for 6 days on Thursday. I'm sure I'll vacillate between enjoying the freedom and missing my family.

  • The swelling has begun. My feet don't fit in my shoes anymore and my hands feel stiff plus my carpal tunnel is getting worse. About 8 more weeks to go. I think I can...I think I can...

  • Lizzie has become really clingy to me lately. I'm really dreading saying goodbye to her at the airport on Thursday morning.

  • The babies are moving a lot now! They like to stretch which always makes me feel a bit ill. I also think they are causing this persistent cough I have. They are crowding my lungs.

  • We have decided to get the Honda Odyssey but we want to buy a slightly used one. Hopefully that will happen when Greg gets back from England.

    Carrie27 said...

    OMG!!! Only 8 weeks! Craziness!

    I was thinking of you today and I have a few twin onesies that I don't know what to do with. If you would want them send me an email.

    nonlineargirl said...

    Why the Odyssey? Chris seems to be leaning toward the Sienna, mostly because we have owned toyotas before and they have been good. I am interested in your thoughts.

    Sorry for the slow brain. I'm a total crab tonight, as I had no nap today. Damn work.