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Friday, December 19, 2008


I have a quality that I'm not too proud of, I'm very territorial. Just ask my husband! At the beginning of our relationship he was staying with me at my house while we taught a course together close by. I've always believed that you should be yourself from the start of a relationship but I think on this occasion I was a little too much myself. We were hanging out in my sitting room and for some reason I started getting annoyed that he was in my space. I got really bitchy for no real reason. I guess he really must have liked me because I think that would have caused most men to run.

This same bad quality some times comes out when my in laws come to stay. It doesn't always happen but this time around it did. They were just here for the week, all the way from England. Let me first tell you that they are really lovely people. My mother-in-law cooks some meals, they play with Lizzie and sometimes my father-in-law even helps fix things around the house or works in the garden. I don't think I could ask for better in laws. And yet, when I returned from my trip to California I was a complete bitch. I got better over time but I still couldn't stop feeling territorial, especially in the kitchen. So I must apologize for my horrible behavior. I'm sure I won't feel the same when they come in June for Lizzie's birthday and to help with the twins.


In Due Time said...

I'm that way too some times.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


christina said...

at least you can recognize it and hopefully that helps with preventing them from feeling your frustrations. i'm territorial, too...or maybe it's just that i need my 'me' time, but i know what you mean. i hope you enjoy your holidays!!


Beautiful Mess said...

I know that feeling! I think it's the season and having other people in your home that don't live there, maybe? I hope you have a great holiday with them!
Enjoy your day,

Katie said...

They love you, of course they'll forgive you. Just remember, your emotions are not your own. You have two little tiny people in there who are totally in the driver's seat.

You will be so thankful for their help in June - with two infants plus a two-year-old to attend to, you'll be begging them not to go back to England.

Hoping you're staying warm and dry and off any slippery walkways, take good care of those peanuts.

Carrie27 said...

Blame it on the hormones, you have a double whamy with two babies in there.