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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

To HPT or Not To HPT

That is certainly the question. Actually, until someone asked me if I was going to do a home pregnancy test (hpt), I hadn't thought about it this cycle. It's always a big mental debate for me. Some women do a test almost every day of their 2 week wait while others refuse to do one at all and wait for the blood test.

I don't really fall in to either of those categories. During my last IVF cycle I only did an HPT because my husband was going to be away the day of the pregnancy test and we wanted to prepare ourselves for the disappointment. We were so shocked when there were two lines, we really didn't believe it. I ran out and bought a bunch more tests including my favorite one, the ClearBlue digital test. There is nothing like seeing that word, "Pregnant", especially after 3 IVF cycles and a frozen embryo transfer.

But that was then and this is now. Or is it? Once again my husband is going to be out of town on the day of the test. So should I test at home again? If you've never been through this before it is more terrifying than you think. I started out as ambiguous in the beginning of this cycle but now that I'm so invested I want this to work. I want to see that word again and I'm terrified I won't see it. If I wait until Tuesday then I have a few more days of hope, a few more days of the possibility that I might be pregnant. If I test on Sunday then I might have to face a negative result sooner but at least my husband will be around to comfort me and I to comfort him.

So, you see my conundrum? Do I test at home or not?


The Olsons said...

Wow, I see your dilemma and I would be struggling just the same. I think (but obviously wouldn't know for certain) that I would want to do the test with my husband present. It is too big a deal to celebrate or grieve alone. I thinking about you, friend! Hope we can rejoice with you!

nonlineargirl said...

I have always been solidly anti, mostly because I have never seen a positive home test. But the way you put it, I might want one. The crush of hearing a negative result by phone might be lessened if I saw it in person. Or not, but maybe at least I would not crumple while on the phone. Plus, could be good news, as it was for you!

Katie said...

I never went through a cycle without testing. Pros? At least I expected the BFNs over the phone ... Cons? The false hope with a chemical pregnancy ... Either way I didn't want the nurse to be the first one telling me the news, whether it was good or bad. Testing with Greg there would be the way I'd go ... Hoping for a BFP for you and anxiously awaiting any news. =)

momofonefornow said...

Hi, over from ICLW.

I am a firm believer in home testing. (That is mostly because I can't help myself. Seriously, it is a compulsion.) Thank goodness for Amazon pregnancy tests or we would be utterly broke! I think it is a control thing for me. I feel like I have absolutely no control over anything throughout my cycle. Testing helps me take back a little bit of that control.

Rebecca said...

I can understand that need for control. My favorite is the ClearBlue Digital but they are quite expensive! I bought some cheaper tests but for some reason I could never trust them.