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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Show and Tell

For this weeks show and tell I'd like to show you one of my many many hobbies that I've dabbled at over the years, the beaded amulet bag. My ex-boyfriend's mother showed me how to make them. They are larger than your normal amulet bag, large enough to fit a couple credit cards and some folded up cash. They probably take 4 months to make so they were never a very financially viable hobby for me.

I've given bunch of them away as gifts but I also have a few still left at home. I really need to give them away, it doesn't do them or me any good to have them lying around the house. I also have a ton of beads I bought when I was really in to making them. Some day I'll figure out what to do with them.


Another Dreamer said...

Those are really neat! I like the first one, it's really cool. And wow, 4 months to make. That's dedication.

Martha said...

They are beautiful! Thank you for sharing and have you considered selling them? You are an artist!