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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All Systems Are Go!

Today was a rough day. The last two nights Lizzie has been waking up and not falling back asleep until we bring her to bed with us which is not something we do very often and usually save for emergencies, so to speak. So two nights in a row is definitely not the norm. Once she comes to bed with us it takes her awhile to settle down. If we are lucky she'll sleep vertically in the center but most of the time she sleeps at at awkward angle and lately it's mainly been on my side leaving me with only a small amount of bed and not a lot of sleeping position options. This doesn't make for quality sleep so I'm tired.

I also had a conference call at 10 pm last night when I'm usually in bed and I have one tonight at 9 pm when I like to start getting ready. These late night calls are really tough but are a fact of life when you work for a global company that has a big center in India. I also had to do some online training at work today which was stressful as I wanted to put on a good show for my new managers. It left me feeling very drained.

Add to that the stress of waiting for the call from my fertility clinic to let me know how many embryos I had and if I was scheduled for the transfer. I picked up Lizzie at my parents house between 5:30 and 6 and still hadn't heard from them. My shoulders were tense and my face was flush. I was definitely feeling the anxiety. When I got home around 6 I was extremely relieved to see there was a message on my home phone. For some strange reason they left the message at home!

I am happy to say that we have 6 embryos! We will find out the quality tomorrow but the best two will be put back in to me and if there are any other good ones they will be frozen. Who knows, our next child could be growing in a petri dish as I write this.


Mollie said...

Good luck today! I hope Lizzie and work give you a break tomorrow so you can spend the day horizontal and eating lots of pineapple!

Katie said...
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