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Monday, September 8, 2008

Is 13 a Lucky Number?

I hope 13 is a lucky number because that is how many eggs were retrieved today. I don't know how many are mature yet, I won't find out until Wednesday when they call to give me the details for the transfer on Thursday as well as the fertilization rates. Until then I have to hold my breath.

All you IVF newbies, are you curious about how today went down? No? Tough.

I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight so there was one thing less to do in the morning. I also wasn't allowed to wear any makeup or jewelry and instructed to wear something comfortable so a t-shirt and sweats it was. We dropped Lizzie off at daycare at 7:30 except we forgot her lunch so I had to go home and get it. What a pain! There was the usual horrid traffic on the way there but fortunately we left with enough time to spare and got there a couple minutes before 9.

We went straight in to the prep/recovery room where I was quickly put in to a hospital gown and eventually hooked up to an IV which pumped me full of saline and antibiotics. Greg sat with me making incredibly inappropriate comments every time a nurse came over to do something. Shortly before the procedure I met with the Dr. and the anesthesiologist then me and my IV pole walked in to the procedure room escorted by a nurse. Once I was in pole position the blessed anesthesiologist gave me a mask to breath in some beautifully tainted oxygen that helped to relax me before I slipped away in to peaceful sleep.

I woke up back in the recovery room thankfully unaware of all the nasty things that went on in the procedure room. I was sleepy and crampy but otherwise fine. Greg sauntered in eventually after reading some bad porn (must be tough). We returned home, stopping at Subway to get some sorely needed food. I thought I might be able to do some work this afternoon but unfortunately the anesthesia knocked my on my ass and I ended up sleeping.

So, that's it. Greg did my progesterone shot tonight, a really fun intramuscular shot requiring a 1.5 inch needle in the ass. With any luck we'll be continuing those shots for another 10 weeks (if this whole thing works).

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Noah and Shane said...

SO excited for you. :) Hope you get a great report today from the RE.

xoxox thinking of you,