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Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Embryo is an Honor Student

This morning we had two beautiful embryos transferred back into my comfy uterus. The embryos were rated at 7AF and 8AF. What does that mean?

Embryos are assessed based on:

  • The number of cells - On third day after egg retrieval an embryo is expected to have divided into 6 to 8 cells.

  • Fragmentation - As the cells divide, cellular material may break off and end up between the newly formed cells.

  • Symmetry of cells - Cell symmetry describes the evenness of size and distribution of cells in the embryo. Symmetry is graded as good, fair or poor.

  • So, to translate:

    7AF - 7 cells, <5% fragmentation (the best!), fair symmetry
    8AF - 8 cells, <5% fragmentation, fair symmetry

    Lizzie was either an 8AG or 9AG. My blood test to see if I'm pregnant is on September 23rd. The dreaded two week wait can be very difficult but I have a busy week at work next week so hopefully that will distract me and time will fly.

    On another note, my husband went to pick up Lizzie from daycare and watching her toddle towards me when she got home was one of the best things ever! We took her for a little walk to see the horses at the farm close to our house. It was a nice way to end the day.


    The Olsons said...

    Rebecca, Greg and Lizzie,

    I have been thinking about you all so much this week. Thanks for inviting us to be a part of your life through this blog. I can only imagine the anticipation and nervousness you are going through. Praying for God's peace to be with you.

    Dana, Daryl and Hannah

    Katie said...

    Here's hoping Sly Baby #2 (and maybe #3!) is growing away and the test ... have you decided if you'll test at home? ... will be a BFP!! Fingers crossed, toes crossed, and baby dust!