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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Lizzie is a very social creature. She is at her happiest if she has a friend to play with. Sometimes she is happy playing with Alex and Emily but most of the time she wants one of her friends her age. Her closest friends right now are Lola, Madilyn, Morgan, Sophia and Maddie although she will play with just about anyone. Other girls are drawn to her most likely because she is energetic, friendly and she just doesn't care what other people think. She is confident and happy about herself.

However, all this comes with a big drawback. She loves to talk to her friends! ALL THE TIME! This means that when she should be listening to her teachers she is not paying attention and chatting with whoever she can. I'd like to know how much a 5 year old really has to say! I got a call from her teacher last week to discuss this issue as it seems it was out of control. We decided that a star chart would be a good way to keep track of how she was doing as well as a way to incentivize her.

At home we started talking about how important it was to listen to her teachers and how important school was. We talk about when she can talk to her friends and when she should listen. We also told her that if she gets all stars then she can sleep in our bed. For her that is the ultimate, it is better than presents or candy. She loves to sleep with us.

Here are a few of her not-so-stellar star charts:

Then finally today she came home with a perfect chart! She got stars for listening all day long so needless to say she is now sleeping in our bed and soon I will be joining her. Let's hope this will continue and she will learn how to listen all day before 1st grade starts.

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