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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stuck at SFO

It's Friday night and 11:30ish on the pacific coast and I'm currently stuck at San Francisco airport.  My flight back home was supposed to take off at 10:30 pm but has been delayed until 3:30 am (about 1/2 before it was supposed to be landing in Boston).

I'm tired.
I've had a long week of meetings which were productive but exhausting.
I miss my family.
I'm missing half my Saturday and my plans are getting messed up.
I have a 7 mile race on Sunday morning.
I'm weepy.
I'm not usually good at sleeping on planes but I'm going to try like hell tonight.
I'm wearing flip flops and my feet are cold.
I'm jealous of everyone sleeping on both the east and west coasts right now.
I'm not a big fan of Jet Blue right now.


Sarah said...

Poor thing. Hope you got back ok xx

Carrie27 said...

Oh no! I am sure you just wanted to sleep all day Saturday when you got back home.