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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I figured I owed you some updates on a couple things I've mentioned in the past...

Weight Loss
In the end I lost about 23 pounds on Jenny Craig before I got sick of their food.  So I stopped ordering their food and went on maintenance at about 140 pounds.  I put on a few pounds over the holidays then lost about 5 pounds using the Bodybugg.  So now I'm fluctuating between 138 and 140 pounds.  I would still like to get down to 130 pounds but my trip to CA has screwed up my motivation.  I know I will find it again but I'm not sure when. 

In the meantime I realized that I've been eating way too much refined sugar these days and it was starting to make me feel ill.  So today I started removing refined sugar from my diet and eventually I will remove the artificial sweeteners as well.  I'm not putting Agave Nectar and half & half (used to use the flavored stuff) in my coffee and am paying more attention to everything else I eat.  For example, when I looked at our "natural" peanut butter I discovered that it had added sugar so I had to go out and buy it without.  I wanted to buy strawberry cream cheese as well but that too had added sugar.  I am trying to remove hydrogenated corn syrup and things like that from the kid's diet as well.

As of June 11th our current child care center will be closing for good.  It is very sad as we really love the teachers and the other kids.  Not to mention that it is right here in Rockport, about a mile from my house.  It is also very close to the train station which allows Greg and I to do a car swap on Thursdays so I can drop off the kids and he can pick them up.  When I went to look for a new place I discovered that there are no group day cares (my option of choice...see my old post for my explanations) close to my home that will take all three of my kids in June.  The only other extended care place (the next town over) nearby wouldn't take the twins until they were 15 months old (July) and I didn't really want to go there anyway.

So, we've chosen a Next Generation Children's Center that is located half way between where I live and where I work.  It is brand new (opened last June), very clean, and very well designed.  It has a commercial kitchen and they provide breakfast (before 8:30) and lunch for the kids.  I'm very excited about that as now I won't have to pack lunches.  They also clean the extra clothing when the kids get dirty as well as provide sheets, blankets and wipes for the infants.  The twins will be in the infant room until September and Lizzie will be in the preschool.  The twins have a really fun play area outside their main room where they can crawl all over padded blocks.  Lizzie has a great room as well as an indoor play area plus a different room where they do theater.  The outdoor areas are also very nice.  It's more expensive then where they go now but I'm very happy about the social and academic educations they will be receiving.   It is also very close to a train station so Greg and I can continue the Thursday switch.

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Carrie27 said...

I'm glad you were able to find something that will work for you guys for daycare. I first need to find a job before completely stressing about daycare that I know is just going to make me cry ;(