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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Away on Business

I'm away on business this week.  It is the first time I have left the twins since they were born.  I have a wonderful hands-on husband so I wasn't really worried about leaving him with all three kids on his own however I did know that it would be a lot of work.  So I did as much as I could before leaving.  Here is what I did:

  • Washed and folded all the kids laundry and put it away
  • Changed all sheets
  • Made a lasagna
  • Went grocery shopping and bought a roasted chicken
  • Ordered Chinese food the night before I left so he would have leftovers
  • Pre-cooked the twins food
  • Packaged the twins lunch and dinner for each day and froze their meals
  • Outlined the routine for each day including what he needed to do in the morning to get the kids off to daycare and in the evening to prepare for the next day
  • Arranged for help on bath night and Saturday morning when he has to take Lizzie to swimming lessons
Thankfully Alex is a very good sleeper so isn't waking up in the middle of the night.  Lizzie is also behaving herself and sleeping through the night so that just leaves Emily.  On Sunday night he had to pull her in to our bed at 3 am but she fell asleep immediately.  On Monday night she slept until 5 am in her own crib and just did the last hour or so with Greg.

I miss my kids but am enjoying a little extra time to myself in the morning and in the evening.  I am waking early, running 3 miles and then walking over to the office around 8.  I've also discovered the joy of real oatmeal with brown sugar and cranberries.  You can buy it at one of our cafeterias so I definitely plan on making this on the weekends when I get home.  I went shopping last night at Cost Plus World Market.  I love that place!  I wish we had them in my region but the closest one is 421 miles south.  A little too far to go.  Tonight I had a conference call so just got some dinner, did some laundry and will soon be crawling in to bed and watching The Biggest Loser.  I will enjoy my free time while I have it but I will also enjoy getting back to my family.

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Carrie27 said...

Love my kidddos and miss them when they are sleeping, but it would be nice to not have any responsibilities for one whole day.