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Sunday, February 14, 2010

10 Months in 4 Days

My little babies will be 10 months old in 4 days! I meant to do a 9 month post but as usual time seems to have slipped away and now 10 months is right around the corner.

Emily and Alex are eating more and more table food these days which is a relief as their baby food is quite expensive. In fact, as of the 12th I've changed their dinner to be all table food with a little pureed fruit at the end. As usual Alex is a little ahead of Emily in the eating arena and seems to enjoy table food more than she does although she isn't too excited by the mushy food either. I think in general she is the pickier eater. Tonight they had sweet potato and turkey burger. Last night they had pasta and peas. Now the big challenge will be coming up with varied and healthy finger food.

It seems that the magic sleeping-through-the-night age for all my children is about 8 1/2 months. That is when both the twins started trending towards sleeping through the night on most nights. Now that has become the norm and Greg and I are getting used to a full nights sleep again. Strangely though I feel more tired than ever. I guess my body has finally realized it has been sleep deprived for the last year and has a lot to make up for. Neither of the babies nap very well at daycare so they are usually very exhausted by the time they come home and pass out around 6 pm. This means that they are also up early in the morning as well. They generally wake up between 5:30 and 6 am. This is fine during the week as we get up at 6 am anyway but really stinks on the weekend however Greg and I take turns sleeping in so at least we get sleep one morning.

Alex is doing lots of moving these days. He started as the one we were worried about on the physical side of things but he has made a break for it and it now far ahead of Emily. He started crawling around the beginning of February and quickly started pulling up too. Once that boy realized he could move around there is no stopping him. Unfortunately he doesn't quite know what to do once he is standing and gets very upset when he wants to sit down. He is still a little stiff and awkward in his movements but that is definitely improving. He can get out of a sitting position to crawl but doesn't know how to get back to sitting from crawling. Today I was walking him around the house while holding his hands. Perhaps he'll be an early walker like Lizzie was.

Emily is quite happy to sit and play. She is very flexible and you'll often find her doing a split as she leans forward to pick up a toy just out of reach. She looks like she is about to move from sitting to crawling but then decides she just can't be bothered. We are working on getting her to get up on her hands and knees and keep that position. I'm hoping she'll be crawling soon as that is an important milestone and I'd like to see her crawl for a little while before she walks.

Alex started babbling before Emily did but now Emily is babbling as well. Alex is definitely the more vocal of the two and likes to say "ba ba ba ba" and "da da da da". Emily can say those but prefers to just say "ah" quite loudly. Lizzie is great at making Emily laugh as well. It's so much fun to hear Emily's giggles. Unfortunately though those giggles tend to turn in the cries as Lizzie gets too enthusiastic about trying to make her laugh. A common way Lizzie gets Emily to laugh is by standing on a chair while Emily is in her high chair. Lizzie sort of screeches at Emily and touches her chest. For some reason Emily finds this hysterical.

Emily is wary of strangers and doesn't generally like to be held by people she is not familiar with. In fact, she is still wary of the Early Intervention ladies who she sees almost every week but only for a short time. Thankfully she is comfortable with Marie, Anne and Lisa who take care of her at RECC. Alex on the other hand is a little social butterfly. He always has a twinkle in his eyes and a smile that lights up the room.

Both babies have been very healthy this winter. Emily and I recently had a cold but otherwise we have been snot free. Alex has four teeth now, two on the bottom and two on the top. There are a few other that will show up pretty soon. When Alex's teeth finally cut through they come fast and furious. Emily has three teeth on the top and two teeth on the bottom. Her teeth cut through sooner but take longer to come in so they are less obvious.

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