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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sleep Deprivation

Here is how a typical conversation in my house goes at the moment...

Greg: Did you feed the dog?

Me: I don't remember, it's possible.

Greg: Buffy is outside, when did you let her out?

Me: Oh crap, she is still outside? That was ages ago.

Greg: I'll make some coffee for when you get back from your walk.

Much times go by...I return from me walk, feed Lizzie, etc.

Me: Oh yeah, I forgot to have that coffee and I could really use it.

Greg: Hmm...I don't remember if I actually made it or not.

(He got everything ready but never actually brewed it)

Will post more when brain is less mushy.


Carrie27 said...

Yes, it is definitely hazy for a while.

nonlineargirl said...

I was thinking of you today, specifically that I should email you to see how you are. In my own squishy-brained way, I then forgot to follow through. I hope all is well with you.