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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Early Intervention

A gaggle of gals (4 of them) from Early Intervention showed up at my house this morning to evaluate Emily and Alex. This is what their website says:

"Early Intervention in Massachusetts is a statewide, integrated, developmental service available to families of children between birth and three years of age. Children may be eligible for EI if they have developmental difficulties due to identified disabilities, or if typical development is at risk due to certain birth or environmental circumstances."

They spent time with both Emily and Alex evaluating their fine motor skills, cognition, expressive language, receptive language, gross motor development, social and emotional skills plus how they are with adaptive/self care. For most things they evaluated at 1 month which is what EI considered their age to be (even though they are actually two months on Thursday). For adaptive/self care they evaluated at their actual age. However, they evaluated at the newborn level for expressive language so that makes them eligible for the early intervention services.

So what happens next? We will set up regular appointments in order to monitor their development and get tips and tricks on what to do in order to help them catch up to their actual age.

I distinctly remember with Lizzie that things started to feel easier at 3 months of age. It wasn't so intense. Now I wonder, since they are evaluating at 1 month of age at 2 months, does that mean I have another 2 months before things get easier? I know in the long run 2 months is nothing but it feels like forever right now.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

I can't believe they are already nearly 2 months old! Wow.

I hope, for your sake, things become easier sooner rather than later.