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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Waiting, Waiting and More Waiting....

Yesterday I had my 3rd beta test. Every part of a round of fertility treatments is agonizing and while often physically painful, that's not what I'm referring to. I'm referring to the waiting. There is so much waiting involved. Waiting to start the treatments, waiting to finish the month of birth control pill, waiting to start the stims, waiting for the results of each ultrasound, waiting for the egg retrieval, waiting to find out how many embryos fertilized, waiting for the embryo transfer, waiting for the pregnancy test (that's the worst wait!) and if you are lucky enough to have it work, waiting for the 2nd test and the 3rd test and waiting for the nurse to call with results then waiting for the first ultrasound where hopefully you will see that precious heartbeat. *sigh* It's a lot of waiting and it's very difficult. The best you can do is try to keep yourself busy and not think about it.

I guess I should stop making you wait for my results! My HCG was 5,460 and my progesterone was 69.5. Yippee! I'm scheduled for my ultrasound on October 10th.

To recap my test results:

  • Test 1 - 319
  • Test 2 - 831 (2 days after Test 1)
  • Test 3 - 5460 (4 days after Test 2)

    I checked a great website that helps you calculate how fast your HCG is rising (in early pregnancy it should double ever 2 days) and it seems mine is doubling every 1.47 days. Now I just need to see that heartbeat. When I was pregnant in the spring I don't think there was ever even a heartbeat so it will be quite a relief to see it. Until then, I wait.

    Katie said...

    Waiting, waiting, waiting. The most patient mothers are former infertility treatment patients. =) I'm so happy the third test was such a great number!

    nonlineargirl said...

    The waiting is the worst. Last weekend was incredibly tense for me. Somehow I think it would be easier after a few times around, but then it never is.

    Yay for your good results!