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Friday, March 2, 2012

Twin "Love"

Let me set the scene....

It was a normal weekday morning in our house.  My husband got up at 6 to shower and I follow at 6:30.  Lizzie had crawled in to our bed at some point in the night and was starting to stir.  When he was ready Greg got Alex up (he was awake) and dressed first and when I was done getting dressed I went to get Emily up (she was asleep lying across the bed no where near her pillows) and dressed.  Lizzie was running around in her pajamas playing with a sound machine.

Lizzie went downstairs with Greg to get breakfast while I picked out her clothing with the Alex following me.  Emily decided to go in to our bedroom and play with our dog before she joined Daddy downstairs.  When Alex and I went to go downstairs she decided it was time for her to go too.  Notice that there was no fighting or contention of any kind.

This was the conversation that followed as she headed down the stairs on her butt while Alex waited with me at the top:

"Alex, I'm going to kill you."
"Emme, I'm going to kill you."
"No Alex, I'm going to kill you."
"No Emme, I'm going to kill you."
Mommy chimes in to point out that it isn't a very nice thing to say.
"Alex, you bad."
"Emme, you bad."
"No Alex, you bad."
"No Emme, you bad."
And so on....

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Oh the twin love reigns here.. Katie to Ryan: I'm going to cut your head into pieces. Must be love.