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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bath Time

I hate bath time, really hate it.  Three kids in a tub is NOT a good thing.  We've tried to get Lizzie to take a separate bath but inevitably she ends up in the tub with Alex and Emily so I give up and they all take a bath together. 

We only have one bathtub in this house and it is in the master bedroom.  It is a lovely clawfoot tub but it is shorter than the average tub to fit in a smaller space.  So they all squeeze in to the tub.  It starts out ok but quickly descends in to chaos.  There is splashing (which they aren't supposed to do), me yelling, me getting wet, then they start bugging each other so they start screaming and crying. 

Of course even if we manage to avoid that there is the hair washing which also causes screaming and crying (Emily and Alex) and by the end of it my back is killing me from all the bending over.

So that is why I hate bath time and let Greg do it whenever possible!


One Blessed Momma! said...

Thank you for this post. I hate bath time too for basically the same reasons. I felt bad about hating it so much thinking I was the only one. When are they old enough for showers? lol

Carrie27 said...

Yep pretty much sums up my feelings as well.

We have gone down to either two in the tub or one at a time, and we added in a wand to the kids' shower/bath which helps lessen the back pain.