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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Alex at 2 years 4 months

When I was pregnant with the twins I was worried about having a boy. I was so used to having a girl that I wasn't even sure how to buy boy clothing. Thankfully that feeling didn't last long and now I can safely say I am so happy I had a boy and two girls. Alex is my little man! He charms me every day with his smile and his brains.

At two his language his amazing clear and complex. He is speaking in full long sentences with nouns, pronouns, conjunctions, verbs, etc. He repeats everything you say and will correct himself if he says something the wrong way or in an incomplete way. You can practically see his little brain processing everything around him.

I'm not sure he'll ever be an athlete though. His feet are flat and he pronates when he walks. I really need two get him some new orthotics to help with it.

Alex is a sensitive little boy and could easily spend hours playing games on my iPad. In fact it is the first thing he asks to do in the morning. Some times he is in a mood and doesn't want to be touched or bothered. He will screech if you get near him. Alex is a big fan of screeching in general! It's amazing how high his voice will go.

He continues to be pretty easy to put to bed and a good sleeper. Definitely the best of the three. These days he likes you to read him a couple books before bed and wants you to sing Baa Baa White Sheep. After you put him in his crib he also likes to "read" his books before falling asleep. He is still in a crib but doesn't seem to mind. A friend is giving us a cool fire truck toddler bed this fall so he will be out of the crib soon.

Neither Emily nor Alex has shown any signs of being ready to potty train but I suspect when Alex is ready it won't take long. He is a very smart little boy.


Lara said...

Quinn is a screecher too and would love to play iPad all day long. He's also not particularly steady on his feet if he gets the least bit tired. It's always so interesting seeing how similar and different kids of the same age are :)
Sounds like a very smart boy indeed! :)

Carrie27 said...

E used to be the needy child, and now he is the easy going one. It's funny how they change roles.

A cool fire truck bed? Awesome!

cat said...

Your kids are adorable and we are so blessed to have boys and girls. Saw you commenting over at Tertias - I have a girl followed by twin boys.