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Friday, January 7, 2011

What We Did During Our Christmas Vacation

Greg and I took the week off in between Christmas and New Years to hang out with the kids.  The week started with a blizzard that knocked out our power and was followed by a sick mommy.  We had planned a trip to the Boston Aquarium on Tuesday but it got delayed until Thursday.  I wanted to get there when it opened at 9 but we didn't arrive until closer to 9:45 but it wasn't packed yet and there was no line to get in so that was good.

We could be stupid, smart or brave but Greg and I decided to go with just a kids backpack and a leash.  We started with Emily in the backpack and Alex with the leash.  However, after we stowed our coats in a locker Alex started melting down so we decided to put him in the backpack.  He wasn't happy there and he wasn't happy outside it, he was really freaking out and we weren't sure why.  This lasted for about 10 minutes and even after he stopped screaming he kept pushing my head away (he was on my back). 

He might have been upset because we had to pull the kids away from the penguins to deal with the coats or he could have been overwhelmed but thankfully things calmed down and we were able to enjoy our trip.  All the kids especially loved the big tank in the middle.  I remember loving it too when I was a kid.

We only stayed there for a couple hours then grabbed lunch at their overpriced cafeteria (we really needed to sit down for a bit) before heading home.  At was at this point that Emily decided it was her turn to start freaking out, this time we can safely say she was tired.  It didn't help that we couldn't find the car in the garage and had to walk around for awhile with a screaming child (once again, with me).

A good day with book-ended freak outs!  I guess it wouldn't have been a trip with three little kids if there weren't a couple meltdowns.

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Carrie27 said...

Brave to go without a stroller! We do the stroller and just take them in and out of it to explore.

We went to a museum in November and found out after the fact that we could have packed lunch vs. paying for the ridiculously priced food they had.