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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Tornado

Picture the Tasmanian Devil from the Bugs Bunny cartoons and you'll have a pretty good idea of what Emily is like.  She is like a tornado leaving a path of destruction wherever she goes.  If it is on a shelf it must come off, if it is inside a bin/drawer then it must come out and if it is a piece of paper it must be ripped.  I think order is morally offensive to her.

Along with generally causing chaos in the house she is also the messiest eater.  Alex is fairly neat when he eats (except tonight when he got Leek and Potato Soup in his hair) but Emily generally gets her food her hair, on her clothing, all over her face, etc!

She is also the bully of the house.  Lizzie is always telling me that "Emily is mean".  Sometimes Emily walks up to Lizzie and just pulls her hair for no reason.  Tonight my husband told me that today the twins were playing then fighting then when he went in to check on them he found some WWE action going on.  Emily had Alex down on the floor on his back while Emily sat on him and wouldn't let him get up.  She even has a cackle which she uses regularly.

Emily doesn't seem to be afraid of much.  She will climb on top of chairs and go down slides.  She is an adventurous soul with no fear, even when she needs to have some.  She loves to shake her head, say no and waggle her finger at you when you want to do something like brush her teeth (which she hates).  However, lest you think she only knows how to say "no", she will also nod her head when you ask her if she wants to see Nana or if she loves Mommy and Daddy.

Emily is a also a Mommy's girl.  When I was out in California on a recent business trip it took her a few days to adjust to the fact that I was gone.  Her first day at daycare she cried for 3 hours and kept going to my picture.  In the morning when she was done eating she would check the house for me.  This went on until one morning when both she and Alex were in their high chairs eating breakfast.  Emily said "Mommy?" and Alex said "No".  Apparently that ended it!

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