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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Massachusetts Mothers of Twins

Last weekend I attended the Massachusetts Mothers of Twins convention with some of the wonderful ladies from my local chapter the North Shore Mothers of Multiples.  I have always been a big believer in support groups.  When Lizzie was born I went to a mommy/baby group run by the hospital where she was born.  It was there that I met an amazing group of women, many of whom I am still friends with.  The group and the women helped me immensely.  Just having that group of women who were going through what you were going through was wonderful.

My twins club does the same thing in a different way.  With my first mommy group we were all going through the same thing at the same time but with this group everyone has kids of different ages so there I get to learn from women who have already been through (with multiples!) and I get to help women who are just entering the multiples world.  Plus, there are a few of us that have the same combination of kids and that helps too.  I really love all my mommy friends, both with singletons and multiples!

So this weekend I got a chance to spend two days with some of them away from home and kids.  This year the convention was being hosted by a club south of Boston.  I started out the morning with a trip to Ikea to pick up a much needed desk and bookcase for our home office.  I'm going to working from home 4 days a week now and need a better setup.  Then I met the ladies in Wrentham for outlet shopping and lunch.  After much needed retail therapy we went to the hotel to check-in and have pre-party snacks and drinks.  At around 8 pm we dressed in New England sports tops and went to the party.  It was mainly a dance party with a DJ but we also had to do a karaoke song.  My group re-wrote the words to California Gurls and made is Massachusetts Gurls.  For your enjoyment and possible torture...

I had such a great time at the dance party!  I love dancing but hadn't had a chance to really relax and let loose for a very long time.  I definitely danced the night away and even managed to do the Electric Slide!  It's great when you can be cheesy and not have to worry about it.  Saturday was about breakfast, workshops (crafts and cooking for me), lunch and a great keynote speaker (a comedian who had twins...she was very funny).  Finally they did the raffle part (raffles are a big fundraising thing..there were tons of them).

The next National convention is in July and in Chicago...I'm very tempted to go but you will most definitely find me at the next Massachusetts convention!  Thanks ladies!

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