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Thursday, January 14, 2010


After waiting almost three months Alex had his appointment with a Boston Children's neurologist on Monday. I must admit that the doctor we saw did not exactly inspire confidence. For all I know he may be the best pediatric neurologist ever but that is definitely not the vibe he gave off when he walked in to the exam room. He was very overweight, obese actually, which made me wonder if he couldn't take good care of himself how could he take good care of his patients. He also had a cold so was wearing a mask which ultimately is good but didn't help the overall picture. He walked in not knowing anything about Alex. He asked me if I had the information but he should have had it as it was sent over when the appointment was made so he had to go ask the nurse for it. It just felt so disorganized and impersonal.

We talked about the signs and symptoms of pressure on the brain like vomiting, extra crying, a bulging soft spot and not being able to look up. He also did a quick examination of Alex and measured his head which is in the 98th percentile. We also talked about the fact that the extra fluid can actually be familial. So he measured my head (a little above the 50th percentile) and later I measured Greg's head (98th percentile) so I'm pretty sure that is where it is coming from. As Alex shows none of the signs of pressure we just need to keep an eye for anything unusual which is pretty much what I expected them to say. Definitely good news.

Now when I have trouble getting a sweater over his head I just blame his big noggin on his father!!!

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Carrie27 said...

Hoping that all you have to do is random check ups and continue to hear good news.

You have such a great outlook on things, and I envy that.