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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The First Tooth

For a long time now we've been expecting Alex's two bottom teeth to appear. You can see the bumps in his gums and can even see the teeth just under the surface. He's been munching on his fingers like crazy and really enjoys gnawing at a Gerber Wagon Wheel or a Gerber Biter Biscuit. However, babies definitely aren't predictable and on the morning of December 1st while Emily was biting my nose I discovered that she had cut a tooth! I guess I won't let her bite my nose (her way of kissing) for much longer!

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Lara said...

I thought for sure Quinn was going to get teeth first but except for a fang that's been just poking out for a month we have nothing and Juliette's had her two bottom teeth through for 3 weeks now! So unpredictable!