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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You Must Have Your Hands Full

Yesterday I took all three kids to get their H1N1 vaccinations on my own. The twins were in their car seats which were snapped in to the double stroller and Lizzie walked next to the stroller holding on to a strap. It wasn't a long walk from the car to the pediatrician's office but along the way (and on the way back) I think I heard "you must have your hands full" about 20 times. No shit. Really? Do I? In fact I don't think I noticed until you pointed it out to me! :+)

All in all it went quite well. Since we were just their for the vaccinations clinic we didn't have to wait a long time and the shots/mist didn't take long either but I still found the whole situation quite stressful. I think it was more the anticipation that things would go horribly wrong then what actually happened though. Lizzie has a history of behaving like a complete monster when she goes with me for the twins appointments so I was preparing myself for that. Thankfully it didn't happen though.

So now my whole family, including Greg and myself, have been vaccinated against both H1N1 and seasonal flu. The twins still have to go back for their booster shots but I feel like I can relax a little and won't be so paranoid. Honestly I'm not afraid that the flu will cause any major problems, I'm sure they would be at the hospital before that happened but I really don't want to deal with three miserably sick kids and I don't want to be sick either. Have you ever taken care of kids when you were sick? It's horrible!

On another note, the twins are 7 months old today! I'll be back soon with an update on their progress.


DBL-LV said...

I know..what is with people!?! Reminds me of my blog post here...

Jamie said...

Right now we take the girls out as little as possible. Not because I'm afraid of the flu -- but because I hate the stares and the comments. Ugh!