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Friday, October 30, 2009

6 Month Well Check

The twins had their 6 month well check today. They both got their seasonal flu shots as well as Lizzie (who didn't even cry!). They also got various other vaccinations but no H1N1 yet. My pediatrician's office didn't have any. It's possible that we might be able to get it through the Rockport school system though.
Here are their 6 month stats:

Weight16.14 (33rd)16.10 (59th)
Height26.75 (54th)24.75 (12th)
Head18.25 (97th)16.75 (52nd)

I don't know if anything stands out to you in those stats. Perhaps the size of Alex's head does? We always tease him for his big head but now it seems it may be something to be concerned about. Let's just say that I've always blamed his head size on his genetics but it may actually be due to benign hydrocephalus. It's not the size of his head that is a concern but how fast it is growing. It hasn't slowed down as it should have. So, I am waiting for an appointment for an ultrasound. If it is hydrocephalus then we'll have to see a neurologist.

Are boys born to break their mother's heart? Alex was in the hospital for the longest, he had torticollis, he sees a physical therapist every other week and now he might have hydrocephalus! Ack! However, he has the most lovely smile and he's a little flirt always ready with a smile for anyone that wants to smile at him. He's my most cuddly child and he's really laid back in general. I'm just going to hope this is nothing to worry about and try not to think about it until I know for sure.

1 comment:

Carrie27 said...

Isn't it crazy how they can be so close in weight or height but due to their sex be at different levels?

Praying for little Alex - I hope it is nothing.