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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Secret Roller

Alex is can roll from front to back and does quite often. However, we've never actually witnessed the act!! We've seen the results many many times though. How is this possible you ask? Well, it's confession time...I let him sleep on his stomach and have been doing so for a long time now.

Yes, I have ignored the "Back to Sleep" campaign and let my son sleep the way he's most comfortable. I'm sure some of you are horrified and want to put me in mommy jail but in this case I have done for my son what I think is best. He never slept well on his back so one night we flipped him over and he slept wonderfully. For a long time we would start him out on his stomach and then flip him over to his back once he was deeply asleep but now that he can raise his head and apparently roll we are comfortable letting him sleep on his back all night long.

In fact, we have recently discovered that Emily also sleeps better on stomach as well. I have seen her roll once but nothing since then. The funny thing is that her trunk strength is much better then Alex's but he seems to have gotten the rolling thing down first. I'm sort of glad he's doing a few things before her as he always seems to be a couple weeks behind her in development. Some day I'd like to see him roll though!


Carrie27 said...

There are so many different rules and taboos that come and go. When we were babies, doctors told parents to put babies on their belly, then it changed to backs. With the twins, I have always let them sleep whatever way they chose, especially with them having reflux.

The Olsons said...

I'm so tempted to put Grace to sleep on her stomach. I did for her afternoon nap and she slept for 3 hours! I'm nervous about night though... your success is encouraging!