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Monday, September 28, 2009

In a Quandry

I can't decide whether or not we should keep the twins in the same bedroom or separate them. Our house has four bedrooms so lack of space is not an issue. They are currently sharing the nursery which is connected to the master bedroom via a door and a "window" cut in to the wall. This makes it really convenient to have them in the same room. We don't need a monitor at night to hear them and getting up to help and feed them is easy.

However, I think these are currently the only benefits to having them in the same room. They don't seem to wake each other up in the middle of the night but they do have trouble going to sleep in the same room. We have remedied this by starting Emily out in the pack n' play which we put in our guest room then we move her to her crib in the nursery when we feed her at around 10 pm. We don't have a monitor yet in the guest room which stresses me out a bit. I just have to hope I'll here her when we are downstairs.

If we split them up then I feel like I should decorate the new room for the baby which will require, at a minimum, some curtains and something for the walls. We would also lose our guest room which comes in handy a couple times a year when Greg's family visits. But then I wouldn't have to worry about them waking each other up which really starts to stress me out at times. So I'm in a quandry...should we keep them in the same room or split them up? What other advantages or disadvantages are there for both situations?


Lara said...

It's obviously so different for every family of twins. Mine wake each other up constantly and we only have 3 bedrooms so we usually have one in our room with us. It's a pain and I wish we had a 4th bedroom (might have to move ;)
Could you move one crib in the guest room, put up curtains and leave the guest bed for now and see how it goes. You could always move the baby out when you have guests and decorate the room later or double up the kids when they're older and sleeping better?
If only we had all the answers! :) Good luck!

Carrie27 said...

With us moving, I hope to get a 4 bedroom so all of the kids can have their own rooms. Mine do go to sleep and stay asleep in the same room, but I would still like them to have their own room. If you have them I say use them.

Katie said...

Natalie & Aiden still share a bedroom. I've debated separating them, after all the third bedroom is empty, but they seem to love it. They used to babble but now they actually talk to each other through their cribs, I wake up on weekends to giggling and stuffed animal flinging contests, and to this day when one wakes up overnight for whatever reason, the other always sleeps right through it.

They're such good friends now that I don't want to separate them until they ask me to - and I know that day will come eventually!

Elana Kahn said...

Commenting about your comment:

I totally was not meaning it as an insult to people who don't use BLW. I was just frustrated at people who dis it who don't know about it. I support anyone who gives their baby/babies whatever is best for them. :-)