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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Ramblings

Summer has finally arrived in Rockport! With summer has come outdoor activities and learning how to stay active with twin infants and a toddler. We started out on Saturday morning by taking it easy and getting a slow start to the day. Once we finally got moving we had a few chores to do so in order to get them done and not saddle one parent with all the kids, Greg took Lizzie to the dump while I took the twins for a walk with my mom to get some exercise. When Lizzie got up from her nap we headed down to the beach.

I'm not going to lie and say it was an enjoyable experience, quite the opposite. Once we got set up I had to feed Alex and then Emily. They didn't want to stay sleeping in the stroller so I put them under the UV tent we have but they weren't very happy there either. In the meantime Lizzie kept asking to go home so Greg took her off to look for crabs amongst the rocks. I sat in the tent and watched the babies as the wind whipped at the tent. It was boring and sort of stressful. Eventually Greg and I traded places and I played with Lizzie for a bit but the whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not sure how much I'm going to enjoy the beach this summer.

On a side note, I also tried going to the beach on my own with all three kids on Friday to meet up with some other moms and their kids. I thought Lizzie would play with the other kids while I watched the babies but Lizzie was REALLY clingy and cranky and the babies wouldn't settle. My wonderful mom friends have offered to carry one of the babies around in a pack while I carried the other at our next beach outing so I might try it again.

Since I'm totally crazy we decided to go raspberry picking on Sunday only this time we brought my parents with us. It really makes a big difference when there are more adults then children! We got a late start thanks to another slow morning so I thought it might be a bit of a disaster. Thankfully if Lizzie is doing something she enjoys then you can push her past her normal naptime. The farm where we go fruit picking has animals too which Lizzie really enjoys. So after spending some time with the goats and ducks we walked down the road to pick raspberries. I had Emily in a Mei Tai and Greg had Alex in a Baby Bjorn. I think Lizzie ate as many berries as she managed to pick! Afterwards we had ice cream and took a tired girl home for a late nap.

After naptime we had a nice family dinner which we don't get to do very often. Greg gets home so late it is really hard to do plus it means getting my act together earlier which I never seem able to do. Lizzie is getting much better at sitting at the table with us for the full dinner. Then it was bath time for all the kids, Lizzie in the big bathtub and the twins, individually, in the small tub which I placed in the shower. When Lizzie was done with her bath she wanted to help me with the twins, it was very sweet. I wish I had pictures of it. She did a good job helping, she is a great big sister.

So, all in all it was a great end to the weekend. It will be an even better end if I can convince Greg to run my shoulders. I have a headache and my back is killing me from carrying around babies all weekend!


Lara said...

I don't know if this is an option for you but I hired a local teenager to help me this summer. She comes out with me when I have all 3 kids and want to do something other than just be at home because I know I can't deal with them all on my own. Sounds like you're doing great all things considered - this twins and a preschooler thing is HARD!

Carrie27 said...

You are brave, and make me look like a total wimp. I have only taken everyone out by myself twice (once to a friend's house and the other to pick up dinner).

And when they were little, no way! But, I had a very fussy boy that was never happy.

We have lots of beaches close by and no plans to go. LOL! I know my toddler would love it, but the other two are crawling and would be eating more sand than not. No thanks.

nonlineargirl said...

I agree that having more adults than kids makes a big difference!

definitely take the friends' offer to carry babies for you.