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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Appointments, Appointments and More Appointments

I've hit that stage in pregnancy where you have three to four appointments a week. I now have an ultrasound every week, two non-stress tests and a Dr. or midwife appointment. Loads of fun! I actually don't mind them though as it gets me out of the house and off the recliner where I'm currently stuck until I hit 35 weeks (I'm at 33 weeks and 3 days right now). My family has essentially put me on bedrest.

I had an ultrasound last week with the perinatologist and it seems I'm destined for a c-section as both the babies are still breech. In fact, today I had an appointment with my doctor to discuss a c-section and tubal ligation. Yup, you read that right, if and when they do the c-section I'm going to have them tie my tubes. I'm 37 and will soon have three kids, that's definite it for me! I figured they might as well take care of it while they are in there. The Dr. said it would only add another 5 minutes or so to the procedure. I am scheduling my c-section for May 15th, assuming I make it that far. It's weird to know that the babies will be here a maximum of 4 weeks from now.

They also measured the babies at the ultrasound...the boy was around 4 lbs 6 oz and the girl was around 3 lbs 14 oz. Both are within normal range. I am very much looking forward to meeting them.


Carrie27 said...

I enjoyed going to the appointments, too. It was the only time I was allowed to leave the house.

Helen H said...

Hi Rebecca,

I'm enjoying reading your posts and blog. Not long to go now at all... time flies! Amelia was 4lb 4oz when I had her by c-section at 35 weeks. She was small for her dates and it looks like your boy is already bigger than that! It was a bit of a shock to have an emergency c-section but luckily I only had a spinal block and it wasn't like I imagine a c-section would be. Amelia came out screaming her head off (probably screming out me back in!). She was brilliant and didn't go to special care so could stay with me. Unfortunately I was the one needing special care as I had Hellp syndrome. Luckily I was in Oxford with a team that knew exactly what they were dealing with and apart from the c-section I was back to normal in 48hrs.

Good luck with everything. I hope you and Greg will be very happy when you're new arrivals make their entrance.

Helen x

Jamie said...

I just read on another blog that they are here!! I can't wait to hear more and see pictures!!! I hope everyone is doing well!

Lara said...

I just read on another blog that your babies are here and came over to check out your blog. I'm almost 34 weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins and spending my life in my recliner except for doctor's appointments so I'm not far behind you. Good luck! Hope all is going well and I've subscribed to your blog :)