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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pregnancy Update

Last Thursday I had another ultrasound and also went for my glucose tolerance test. The ultrasound went really well. Both babies are a little over 1.5 pounds and in the 50th percentile. Baby As placenta is no longer close to the cervix but unfortunately both babies are still breech. However, they still have plenty of time to flip although I'm pretty sure they have never flipped since it usually feels like they are playing soccer with my bladder.

As far as the glucose tolerance test goes I failed it but only by a very small amount. When I was pregnant with Lizzie I failed the test so badly they didn't bother to send me back for the three hour test. So now I am sitting in a recliner outside the lab waiting for my next blood draw. I'm almost two hours in and completely starving (it's a fasting test).

One more note to illustrate the joys of pregnancy. I now have carpal tunnel in both my wrists and have to wear wrist braces at night. Oh, and my feet are starting to swell. I wish men could experience a little bit of this.


Carrie27 said...

I hope you pass with flying colors. I do know that twins can make it show more then you should, especially on the first one.

Jamie said...

Thanks for the links to the other blogs with Mommies in similar situations. I've been stopping by your blog for awhile and subscribe in Google Reader. I'll be very interested to see how you adjust when the babies are born and I am open to any hints, tricks, and ideas!

Soralis said...

Good luck with your test. I failed the first one with my twins, but passed the 2nd one.

Hope your feet don't get too bad, that can be nasty!

Good luck!

nonlineargirl said...

Thanks for the reminder about this - my next doctor appt is tomorrow afternoon. I imagine I should build in time for the sitting around part.