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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not Looking My Best

Why is it you always run in to people you haven't seen in ages when you are looking your worst? I didn't get to the grocery store today until around 5:30 and as I was standing at the deli counter I heard my name being called. I turned around to find one of my high school classmates standing behind me. We chatted for a bit and then went our separate ways and I was left wondering why I had to look so crappy.

It's not that I wanted/needed to impress this guy, I just wish I wasn't wearing sweatpants and a big comfy winter coat that is far from fashionable. I also really hate my hair right now. I'm in the middle of switching stylists and have been waiting a month for my haircut (my appt. is on Saturday, woo hoo!). The What Not To Wear folks would have been horrified at how I looked this evening. Some day I'll go to the grocery store looking good. Maybe once my kids are in college.


Soralis said...

Sweetie if he is anything like the guys I know he probably didn't notice what you were wearing or what your hair looked like anyway! :) (Besides you probably looked great anyway!)

Beth said...

I swear to you it's got to be one of Life's Rules that no one bothers to talk about. The same thing happens to me ALL the time . . . and (since I've been single again) always with some extremely cute guy.

AND it's inversely proportionate (wow--I thought those math brain cells died after college): the worse I look, the cuter the guy.

The way I figure it, we have three choices: 1) embrace the inner slob and just 'go with it', 2) spend too much time worrying about eyeliner that only a tub of cool whip is going to see, or 3) redifine "looking my worst" so that funky hair, no make-up, and sweats constitute haute couture.