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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hello World, It's me! An Infertile Working Mom!

Hello. My name is Rebecca and I'll be your blogger today. I'd like this blog to mainly talk about being a working mom and the challenges that comes with it but I also suffer from infertility and am about to go for #2 so there will probably be a bit of that sprinkled in as well. In fact, I suspect a lot of my first posts will cover infertility topics since I'm only a couple days away from starting my injections.

So, what makes me qualified to talk about being a working mom. Let me tell you a little about myself. I live in a beautiful seaside town in New England that is just far enough away from the city to keep prices relatively reasonable but close enough that if you are willing to suffer the commute, it's a great place to live. I grew up in this town but left for a long time only to return at the end of 2004 with my British husband. We had just started trying for a baby but we didn't succeed until 2007 when our daughter was born. It took us 2 IVFs, a frozen embryo transfer and a final IVF at a new clinic before our little miracle baby, Lizzie, was born.

I went back to work when she was 4 months old. In the beginning I mainly worked from home and had her with me. When she was 7 months old I started her at daycare two days a week. When she started crawling we picked up another day at daycare. So that was 3 days in daycare, one day with my Mom and one day at home with me as I attempted to work. Finally about the time she turned one and I got a promotion at work we put her in daycare 4 days a week but we moved her to one close to home (instead of close to my job where she had to do the commute with me).

So, that's where we are now. I work from home 2 days a week so her daycare days aren't quite so long and I get to spend some nice quality time with her at the end of the day. It certainly keeps us busy!

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